Wonder Workshop

Dot is the brain of a robot. Dot comes with several games you can play right out of the box, such as..
HK$480 HK$480
Give Dash + Dot new abilities and looks by adding accessories. This package includes a bulldozer bar..
HK$398 HK$368
Cue (ages 11+) – a witty, entertaining robot with four hero avatars & enhanced AI that take..
HK$1,698 HK$1,580
Dash is beloved by kids and teachers across the US and around the world. Dash is smart enough to res..
HK$1,399 HK$1,280
Dot Creativity Kit is designed for adventure, fun and learning at an affordable price, the kit combi..
HK$780 HK$680
Launcher is our customer-favorite accessory for Dash robot. This fun accessory transforms your Dash ..
HK$380 HK$280
Dash Challenge Cards teach the fundamentals of coding through fun robot games. Learn ..
HK$398 HK$368
A getting started guide to using Dash & Dot and the Learn to Code curriculum in your classroom. ..
HK$798 HK$780
The Wonder Pack is a customer favorite. It comes with our award-winning Dash and Dot robots, as well..
HK$2,599 HK$2,450
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